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Free iPads for autistic children!!!!

Posted by Patricia Harkins in Uncategorized


Check this out for a free iPad for people 22 or younger for a free iPad.  There are countless apps that are cheap or free that are good for our kids.  Don’t forget to turn off all electronics (anything with a battery or plug or screen) an hour or more before bedtime – the light inhibits your natural melatonin release, and make it hard to go to sleep.  I know if I read from my iPad, it takes hours to go to sleep.  If I read from a book, it’s easy.  Also exciting games, shows, and commercials can rev a child up enough to interfere with sleep too!



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  • Sharon White says:

    I am the mother of a 14 year old severly autistic son he is non verbal and only uses pecs but he shows alot of interest in computors We make a decent income but we have 4 children 2 are adults 1 in the military and one on a mission for our church who we still support 100% for the next 2 years and we still have at home we would love to have an Ipad for him to use it would be awesome to build on his communication
    Thankyou- Sharon White

  • cherish says:

    hi my name is cherish williams. i have a 5 year old nephew with autism/ ADHD. i have been trying to find a way to help him with he speech. i have heard from alot of people about getting a free ipad. can you help me.

  • Nicole Hudgins says:

    Hi, I am the mother of a precious boy named Paxton. Paxton is 3 years old and has severe autism. He is non-verbal. He attends a school for autistic children. He really enjoys and is learning new things on their I- pads at school. I am currently laid off, and have 2 other older children, one in high school and one in elementary school. I can’t afford to buy a I-pad. Thanks for reading.

  • Emily Navarro says:

    Hi, my name is Emily and my daughter, Ylime, was diagnosed Autistic at 2 1/2 years old. Luckily she is quite verbal but social skills are difficult and is in constant need of social stories. She is starting her first year of high school next week and is having a difficult time with the transitioning process. We tend to visit the apple store or at&t stores every once in a while because she is highly stimulated when using the ipad..its the only way I have been able to get her to read a book. Unfortunately, I can’t afford one because of her condition, I have not been able to return to the work force. Its a bit more difficult now because last year she was also diagnosed with Lupus and it has affected her walking as well as her vision, not to mention her self esteem.

    I think an ipad would help her out in so many ways

    • Patricia Harkins says:

      I agree. I hope the link helps. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for an Assistive Tech eval at school. If you can show she needs it, they may buy it for you

  • Karen Robertson says:

    I have a 16 year old daughter with “Mitachondria Disorder” with severe Autism. She is non-verbal, she has very little communication skills. She does show interest in the computer, but has limited hand use. we need a way to communicate more clearly or something that will allow her to express herself. We have looked at some really neat Apps. that would help with this need. We can not currently afford a new ipad. we would love to be considered for the free ipad program. Thanks Austin’s Mom

  • Ruben Gomez says:

    I have an autistic young boy , & we are p
    Looking for one I pad, but we can’tbuy one
    Did you know some group or association
    That can donate one?

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  • Theresa Pearo says:

    I have a child with Autism, which he never talked. He is 8 and a twin. His twin is fine. I’m a single mom whom my husband abandoned us 2 years ago. I have 3 children and very very low income. I’m a mom in deperate need… My son used and IPAD 1 day, and is so smart on it. I can finally know what he is feeling. We only borrowed it, and can’t afford one. Can you please help me ? God Bless, Theresa

    • Patricia Harkins says:

      If your income is low enough to qualify for Medicaid, then there are programs that pay for medically necessary items. Then get your doctor to give you a prescription for one. In Texas, there are “Medicaid waiver” programs that would cover it. Your resources are very dependent on what state you live in. Call your local MHMR organization.

  • I have two grandchildren, 13 and 10 years of age. Both have been diagnosed with Autism plus microcephaly. Neither child can talk, dress themselves or feed themselves. The father was laid off in August of 2010 and has not been able to obtain employment. The mother is the caregiver for the children. Is there a method by which my grandchildren could obtain an ipad which hopefully could help them communicate? Please let me know. Thank you.

  • Renee says:

    I am a sinlgle mother of a 6 year old son with Autism/possibly Aspergers and ADHD. He was also diagnosed with MID.. I am trying to find help purchasing a ipad to help him with his communication skills and reading. He is so far behind everyone in his age group and I have tried almost everything to help him catch up. He loves computers and does very well with them. He is doing better with his speach through the school programs but I would love to be able to help him more and also keep up therapies through the summer. I have a very limited income, he has medicade and tricare through his “non involved” father also. We live in a very rural area and there aren’t many resourses for him. Are there any programs you know of for free or low cost ipads for him? Any info would be wonderful! Most of the programs I’ve seen are for non verbal children only. My son is very verbal but has social and communication difficulties. Thank you!!

  • Lisa McNett says:

    Im a mother of a son with autism and looking for a ipad and can’t afford one do you know where i can get one?Thanks

  • Sharo Robinson says:

    I have 3 children and all of them were diagnosed with Autism, there ages are 22-9 and 4. They had help from diffrent agencies with early prevent, trying to develop their skill to enter school. But I noticed my two Kids love my Laptop and I had many because the kids enjoy picking off the keys, But all in all they enjoy being on line and enjoy learning new things. The IPAD would mean the world to them. My 4yr old has downloaded 20 apps. to my phone because he want to see how they work . I can not afford two I- Pad , I live on a fixed income and I’m a single parent. can you please assist me on how I can qulifily for two free one. I’m hoping my kids will develop talking and learning skills, It would be a blessing to hear one of my kids talk all 3 of my children are non-verbal.
    Thank You so much for your time.
    Sharon Robinson,
    Union City, CA

  • conklin carol says:

    i am the mom of a 12 year old severely autistic child his name is kenny. recently kennys dad passed away suddenly i cant begin to tell you how devasted we are. i now have to raise him on my own. i saw on 60 minutes how the i pad helped so many autistic children. i cant afford to buy one, but think this would help my son to communicate to me. i have no way of knowing what hes thinking about his dad being just breaks my heart.i would be so greatful to be considered for the free i pad program. thank you sincerely kennys mom.



  • Courtney Tobias says:

    I am a single mother of a 5 year old Autistic daughter. She was diagnosed at 18 months and has been diagnosed with it 3 times by 2 different Dr’s. Our house burnt down and I stay at home with her for the time being. I cant afford one of these but I know it would benefit her needs in every which way. She has no communication and get very frustrated because she can’t talk. She loves to be read to and loves things that have bright colors and movement. i have tried pretty much everything that I could afford, and I know my daughter would benefit from this very much. Please let me know. Thank you the Tobias family.

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  • Joanne marrie says:

    I Have an autistic grandson 10 yrs old who cannot speak. I cannot afford to buy one. Can u help me?

  • Nina Torres says:

    I have a 4 year old boy who is Autistic and receives OT, PT Speech at school. It has been a long journey with him and we are still pulling through. I am his mentor and work with the school on different strategies at home to help my son. My son will benefit from an ipad with the many programs that are used to help children with Autism.

  • david shaulis says:

    I am a single father of three boys two of which are autistic. my oldest boy who is six can communicate but could use improvement and is getting there but my middle boy who is four cannot communicate his want or feeling and is having a very rough time. I would love for them to have an i-pad but cannot afford it raising three boys alone and getting no help from thier mother. I just want to see them grow and make advances in life and would like for them to have the tools to make that possible for them.

  • wendi says:

    Hi I am a mother of a 16 yr old boy I adopted when he was 2. he is mr autistic add adhd ocd odd severe impulse behavior epliletic. he has san flipio syndrome from being bor from incest from his bioligical parents. My funds are always low from the severe expense that I have from his behaviors and disturction from his behaviors. He loves the internet it soothes him and relaxes him. he says he wants to be like normal teenagers and have a ipad and phone. I cannot afford to buy him this. It would be a blessing for him to win one. Thankyou

  • Lynn Owens says:

    My grandson Austin is autistic. Austin is 9 years old and attends a special needs school here in Dekalb County Alabama. There are little resources in our area so any help would be a blessing. Austin is non verbal and we are having a bad time with aggression. Austin is a sweet child and we don’t know what to do. The doctor has changed his medication a few times with little success. Our family thinks his aggression stems from not being able to commuicate. My heart breaks for him each time I see him act out, knowing he is trying to tell us something. Money is hard to come by and somehow we have to get any help we can for Austin. He deserves every chance we can get him. If there is a chance he could get a free ipad it would be truly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

  • pamela johnson says:

    please explain this to me why have do you cut the age 22 year becuase i have an aultistic who is 33 years that could use an ipad to help him in his speech and his atention span but because he is 11 years too old he dpsent qulife for your program, from a dispret mom mrs pamela f johnson 328 surface dr. charleston wv 25302 please recreder your age limit for a child in need of you product

  • Lourdes DeBellotte says:

    I am a mother of a 5 year old boy with autism. It is the hardest this I have ever dealt . His is presently in a District 75 school here in Brooklyn, NY. He is trying, however, he needs additional help. He presently receives speech and OT. At school they received funding an use the IPAD, however, I am unable to afford a IPAD since I have been unemployed since November of 2009. I would indeed be a blessing to receive an IPAD for him to use. At home he try to touch the computer screen to move stuff. He becomes very angry. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Lourdes DeBellotte
    Brooklyn, NY

    • Patricia Harkins says:

      If he can communicate with it at school, then the school should provide one at home, to generalize the skill.

  • Amanda says:

    My name is Amanda and i have three small children ranging from eight to eleven. My son is ten and he was diagnosed when he was young with autism. We went through many programs and he had words for a couple for a short time than he regressed at three about and we have been trying so hard to help him to find his words. We are like most families we work but we do not make enough to have everything we need to help my son. It would be a blessing if we could qualify for a free ipad. My son and my children mean the world to mean and if this is something that can help him which i’am told it is i would love a chance to be able to get one. I do not work because of my son’s autism and i have another child with special needs so any assistance would be welcomed thank you.

    • Patricia Harkins says:

      Follow the links in the post. ALso, connect with local parent support groups. Other parents with older kids know a lot about how to make things happern.